Im Midland Gliding Club wird seit 1991 eine der ersten SKYLAUNCH eingesetzt, die sich seitdem bei 10.000 Starts pro Jahr vorzüglich bewährt. Die Royal Air Force, Army und Navy haben bereits mehrere SKYLAUNCH erworben und werden ihren Windenpark komplett auf SKYLAUNCH umstellen. Mitlerweile vertrauen Kunden in 6 Ländern rund um die Welt den Winden von Skylaunch.

Als erste SKYLAUNCH in Deutschland ist seit 2000 eine 8,2 l Flüssiggaswinde auf dem Flugplatz Bayreuth in Betrieb.

Seit Mai 2003 ist eine weitere SKYLAUNCH 2 mit dem gleichen Antrieb in Coburg/Brandensteinsebene im Einsatz.

Im Sommer 2006 ging in Neumünster eine SKYLAUNCH 3 mit 7,4 l Flüssiggasmotor in Betrieb.

SeriennummerTypKundeHubraum/ccmGesamtmasseLieferdatumersetzte Winde
0001SKYLAUNCH Prototypen 74002600 kg1988-1991 
0004SKYLAUNCH 1Midland Gliding Club (Long Mynd)74002600 kg30.10.91Röder Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0005SKYLAUNCH Röder-Umbau74002600 kg10.11.92Parkinson Jaguar, Flüssiggas
0006SKYLAUNCH Seilrückholwinde18001100 kg14.04.94Pfeifer VW luftgekühlt, Flüssiggas
0007SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasBowland Forest Gliding Club (Chipping)74003200 kg06.12.94Eigenbau, Diesel
0008SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasBath & Wilts Gliding Club (Kingston Deverill)74003200 kg11.05.96Wilde-Rover V8, Benzin
0009SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasDerbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club (Camphill)74003200 kg30.08.96Tost Small Block V8, Benzin
0010SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, BenzinAnglia Gliding Club (Army Wattisham)82003200 kg07.03.97Tost Big Block V8, Benzin
0011SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasNorthumbria Gliding Club (Currock Hill)74003200 kg27.06.97Bourne, Diesel
0012SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasSouth Wales Gliding Club (Usk)74003200 kg25.11.97Tost Jaguar V12, Benzin
0014SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasTurweston Flight Centre, Shenington GC74003200 kg03.12.97Eigenbau, Diesel
0015SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasClevelands Gliding Club (RAF Dishforth)74003200 kg28.08.98Beaver, Diesel
0016SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasFenland Gliding Club (RAF Marham)74003200 kg18.09.98Eigenbau, Diesel
0017SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasNeedwood Forest Gliding Club (Cross Hayes)74003200 kg05.12.98Eigenbau, Diesel
0018SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasWrekin Gliding Club (RAF Cosford)74003200 kg15.01.99Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0019SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasBuckminster Gliding Club (Saltby)82003200 kg09.04.99Eigenbau, Diesel
0020SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasStratford on Avon Gliding Club (Snitterfield)74003200 kg06.05.99Eigenbau, Diesel
0021SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasBicester Gliding Club (RAF Bicester)74003200 kg07.06.99Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0022Kent Gliding Club (Challock)82003200 kg24.06.99Eigenbau Small Block V8, Flüssiggas
0023SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasLuftsportgemeinschaft Bayreuth82003200 kg11.07.99Tost Small Block V8, Benzin
0024SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasCotswold Gliding Club (Aston Down)82003200 kg18.11.99Ford Big Block V8 Autoschlepp, Flüssiggas
0025SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasKestrel Gliding Club (RAF Odiham)74003200 kg11.02.00Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0026SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasPortsmouth Gliding Club (Royal Navy Lee on Solent)74003200 kg07.04.00NL Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0027SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasBannerdown Gliding Club (RAF Keevil)82003200 kg06.01.01Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0028SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasCranwell Gliding Club (RAF Cranwell)74003200 kg18.11.00Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0029SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasWyvern Gliding Club (Army Upavon)82003200 kg10.05.01Tost, Diesel
0030SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasAero Club de Bas-Armagnac82003200 kg10.10.01F-Schlepp
0031SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, BenzinKorea Air Force Academy74003200 kg21.12.01Hercules, Diesel
0032SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasFour Counties Gliding Club (RAF Syerston)74003200 kg18.04.02MEL, Diesel
0033SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasRattlesden Gliding Club82003200 kg03.06.02Wile Big Block V8, Benzin
0034SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasAero Club Coburg82003200 kg10.04.03Eigenbau Small Bock, Benzin
0035SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, BenzinCivil Aviation Organisation of Iran74003200 kg23.09.02Tost Small Block, Benzin
0041SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, BenzinKorea Air Force Academy74003200 kg28.11.03Hercules, Diesel
0042SKYLAUNCH 3, Doppeltrommel, BenzinColombian Air Force74002600 kg22.10.04Tost Small Block V8, Benzin
0043SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasCotswold Gliding Club (Aston Down)82003200 kg02.04.04Ford Big Block V8 Autoschlepp, Flüssiggas
0044SKYLAUNCH Seilrückholwinde, FlüssiggasLasham Gliding Society18001200 kg11.11.05 
0045SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasDenbigh Gliding Club82003200 kg03.03.06Wild Eigenbau, Small Block V8, Flüssiggas
0046SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasWolds Gliding Club, Pocklington82003200 kg31.03.06Supacat, Diesel
0047SKYLAUNCH SeilrückholwindeEssex & Suffolk Gliding Club, Wormingford18001200 kg09.06.06 
0048SKYLAUNCH 3, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasFlugsport-Club Neumünster74002600 kg31.06.06Eigenbau, Diesel
0049SKYLAUNCH SeilrückholwindeSZT Terlet18001200 kg04.04.07 
0050SKYLAUNCH 3 KIT, Eintrommel, BenzinAeroclub de Colombia8200 19.07.07F-Schlepp
RE51Umbau Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasWyvern Gliding Club (Army Upavon)8200 07.03.07 
RE52Umbau Tost 03, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasDorset Gliding Club (Hyde, Wareham)7400 09.03.07 
RE53Umbau Supacat, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasNorfolk Gliding Club (Tibenham)7400 23.03.07 
0054SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasEden Soaring Society82003200 kg2007Rover V8, Benzin
0055SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasSZT Terlet82003200 kg2008Van Gelder Diesel, 6-Trommel
0056SKYLAUNCH 3, Doppeltrommel, BenzinHyvinkään Ilmailukerho74002600 kg2008Eigenbau, Diesel
RE57Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasEssex & Suffolk Gliding Club, Wormingford7400 30.03.08 
RE58Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasShalbourne Gliding Club, Rivar Hill7400 05.03.08 
RE59Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasStaffordshire Gliding Club, Seighford7400 26.09.08Dieselmotor
0060SKYLAUNCH SeilrückholwindeColombian Air Force18001200 kg26.09.08 
RE61Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasSouth London Gliding Club, Surrey Hills8200 08.04.09Dieselmotor
0062SKYLAUNCH SeilrückholwindeSkylaunch18001200 kg  
RE63Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasEssex & Suffolk Gliding Club, Wormingford7400 25.03.09 
0064SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasLasham Gliding Society8200 HO3200 kg14.05.09Tost Big Block V8, Flüssiggas
0066SKYLAUNCH 2, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasDevon & Somerset Gliding Club, North Hill8200 HT3200 kg Supacat Diesel
RE67Re-Engineering Eigenbauwinde, Doppeltrommel, DieselZuidhollandse Vliegclub  23.05.09 
0068SKYLAUNCH 3, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasGooise Zweefvlieg Club8200 HO2600 kg29.07.09Tost, Small Block V8, Benzin
0069SKYLAUNCH SeilrückholwindeAéro-club de la basse Mosselle18001200 kg14.05.09 
0070SKYLAUNCH SP675.PN.N.9066 Edelbrock 2009 
RE71Re-Engineering Tost 04, Doppeltrommel, FlüssiggasMendip Gliding Club, Halesland8200 HT 09.07.09Supacat Diesel

"We are delighted with the excellent launches given by our new single drum winch called Skylaunch."
"It's like going up on rails."
Midland Gliding Club
"On January 2nd our new twin drum Skylaunch winch arrived, the first flying day for two months. We were very pleased with the resulting launches."
"To the Skylaunch, all gliders seem alike."
Bowland Forest Gliding Club
"Our new Skylaunch winch is giving superb launches with Graham Callaway training more drivers each weekend." Bath, Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club
"There is a great deal of support and enthusiasm amongst our membership concerning the association's decision to purchase a fleet of Skylaunch winches." RAF GSA
"I am pleased to inform you that the Army Gliding Association has resolved to seek funding grants with a view to purchase 2 of your excellent Skylaunch winches after examining all the competing options." Army Gliding Association
"Our new Skylaunch winch has had a dramatic effect on launches (and some members)." Northumbria Gliding Club
"Our Skylaunch winch is dwarfed by the old Beavers but gives launches quite out of proportion to its size - it is proving very popular." RAF Dishforth
"We have had launch heights of 2,000 feet from our new Skylaunch winch" Needwood Forest Gliding Club
"We have had an exceptional winter / autumn, especially with the use of our new Skylaunch." RAF Wattisham
"Our new Skylaunch winch has been delivered. We are sure it will be popular with our visitors."
"Now our Skylaunch is fully commissioned, we've made excellent launches in light winds and cross winds, which tended to be more difficult with the old system."
"We managed to launch a K8 to more than 2,700 feet using one of our Skylaunch winches, a club record I think."
Cotswold Gliding Club
"The new Skylaunch winch is a boost both for launch rate and height, particularly on our short runs." RAF Halton
"In April a Skylaunch came for a day to provide a demonstration. Its performance in nil wind was appreciated, especially by instructors in K-21s who got 200-300 feet extra compared to our Tosts." Wyvern Gliding Club
"Our new Skylaunch is already giving us superbly smooth launches." RAF Keevil
"The new Skylaunch winch is proving excellent to operate and seems to have reduced wire and ferrule usage."
"We are now the proud users of a Skylaunch winch. This is an amazing piece of kit."
"It is a great pleasure to have the Skylaunch winch at Shenington. What a smooth operating piece of kit this is and surely the best thing to happen to Shenington in recent years."
Shenington Gliding Club
"Our new Skylaunch winch provides excellent launches on plastic rope for all types of gliders in all conditions. Launches of nearly 2,000 foot are not unknown in the best conditions." Denbigh Gliding Club


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